28 Jul 2013

Teaching EFL in a Peruvian public school

According to the OTP de Inglés from the Peruvian Ministry of Education, the Area of English (EFL) aims to help strengthen the communicative competence of secondary students through learning English as a foreign language. The competencies describe the performance that students must achieve at the end of the EBR (K12), and are sequenced and graduated considering the complexity of grades of study. 
In addition, there are three macro skills that are developed through the English subject: 1) Oral comprehension and production (Listening & Speaking), 2) Written text comprehension (Reading), and 3) Written text production (Writing); which are strengthened through interactive activities.
Sara Meza, a Peruvian English teacher, works in a public secondary school where the OTP is applied. She has wisely recorded an inspiring video in order to show her outstanding daily work. Expressing advice using should and shouldn't is the aim of the lesson.  
At watching it brings back lots of memories from those days teaching English at school and, even more importantly, training pre- and in-service English teachers. I am so proud of her. She is showing us her passion for excellence, constant innovation, commitment to developing her teaching, and satisfying Peruvian students needs, expectations, and much more.
I am looking forward to watching other similar videos from Peruvian colleagues.

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