20 Feb 2019

Celebrating our Eight Year Anniversary!

PETsNet was launched in 2011 with high expectations, hopes and prospects to support and empower teachers of English and educators in creating an academic and social network. 
From the very first, PETsNet is currently engaged in Language Teacher Education, Teacher Training, Professional Development, Personal Learning Network, ICT in Education, and aims to inspire, innovate, empower, & transform English teachers professional development nationwide and worldwide. 
Year on year, hundreds of English teachers have visited and/or joined PETsNet Ning network, where we meet colleagues from all over Peru and different part of the world in a willing way. All or part of their professional experiences and contributions are freely published on PETsNet Ning platform. One thing, for sure, it is our firm belief that working together for the common good is our task. 
This Eight Year Anniversary points the way to the fulfilment of the mission of this challenging project. Up today, the number of PETsNeters increases including novice and experienced English teachers from different schools, language centres, institutes, universities, etc. 
All in all, as always, we are immensely grateful to RELO Andes, US Embassy, Fulbright Peru for all the solidarity and support, and all users and friends of PETsNet.
P.S. Please leave your greeting messages here.

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