18 May 2012

30th VenTESOL Annual National Convention - Program at a Glance

Attending international conferences, such as the 30th VenTESOL Annual Convention 2012 , is one the most rewarding achievements throughout my professional career. I have been very fortunate to have been accepted to give workshops, talks and demonstrations in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, and now in Venezuela.
This year I am going to give a demonstration session of "Using ICT in Language Teacher Education" which "...will demonstrate how MOODLE virtual classroom can be adjusted and used in Language Didactics course.." (Victor H. Rojas 2012)        
In addition, I am looking forward to attending workshops, meeting colleagues from Venezuela and other countries, and sharing professional experiences and ideas in the field of ELT and TESOL worldwide.
I'd like to invite you to check out the Program at a Glance.
30th Annual National Convention - Program at a Glance


  1. Good Luck! Wish I could be there. Hope you post your presentation later.

    1. Thanks a lot, Frank Stonehouse. Some day we meet f2f in a conference so that eventually I'll continue posting on ELT issues.
      Highest regards.