21 Mar 2012

My first report on IATEFL Glasgow Online

The day came with great expectation after lots of preparation, the 46th Annual International IATEFL Conference is on the move.
The day before the official opening ceremony, I could surf the IATEFL Gasgow Online and watch what was happenning in the meantime. For example, the Online Team was setting up the Studio, where IATEFL associates, presenters, guests, etc. are being interviewed successfully. We can find a huge amount of photos at the Photo Media page.

Studio's almost ready.

The Glasgow Online Live Channel gives us the most meaningful chance to meet (virtually) IATEFL presenters and participants through the live transmission of plenaries and interviews. At the same time we are watching the presentations, we can chat simultaneously with peers from different part of the world who are following live streaming video synchronously. You feel being part of live IATEFL.
Throughout the Glasgow IATEFL Conference will be broadcasted live each day from Glasgow Online studio. An all video interviews will be available for us to access freerly. The first live interview was for Eric Barber, then I have embeded it below. Enjoy it!

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