22 May 2011

Issues Concerning Language Teacher Education

The title of this post is the name of my  Blog It was created in 2007. Up to that time, I had been using e-mail accounts and ePals for interacting with my teacher students online. And the first post I published is about Case study. Unforgetable memories!
After trying other web tools and looking for new ways of interacting online, I decided to create a Blog where students may leave comments to the posted topic. I think that it is a Tutor Blog because there are some contents related to syllabus, course information, homework, assignments, etc. Also, I write about my PD and PLN, reflections about culture and language looking forward to stimulate online and in-class discussion. Instead of a Class Blog I use Moodle platform.
According to the article and among the reasons to blog, I highly suggest blogging to provide extra reading practice, guide students to online resources, and stimulate out-of-class discussion.
About blogging in my country, I think there would be lots of unknown blogs related to ELT, few of them are active such as Relo Andes and Cesar Klauer's, and mine of course. But, the most remarkable weakness is readers hardly ever leave comments.