13 Mar 2011

Why should teachers be using Twitter?

Twitter is a part of building our PLN (Professional Learning Network). About two years ago, looking for new ways to enhance my teaching and learning strategies, I found Twitter. My Twitter ID is victorhugor. Since I started tweeting, my Twitter stream became less social and more academic or professional. I mean, as teacher educator, I'm using Twitter to share knowledge/information, resources, and point of views; answer questions; socialize among colleagues; as well as, provide support/encouragement in my PD (Professional Development).

Willing to help and collaborate with Peruvian novice/professional colleagues, I've recently signed up a Twitter account for PETsNET. Have you all got a Twitter account, yet? I'm looking forward to reading your tweets. I think If you don't try it, you will never be able to know what it is about.

According to professorbaker "Twitter means connections, and connections means access to current, up-to-date, information. To be clear: Twitter is a fundamental part of my PLN. To be without it would be similar to losing sight in one eye…"

And Justin Tarte's answer to the question is: "to learn, share and collaborate is the perfect path toward growth and development."

Now, watch this inspirational video and answer the question.

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