22 Feb 2011

My Rewarding Teaching Autobiography

I'm Victor Hugo Rojas, associate professor of TEFL. I have over 25 years experience as a foreign language teacher educator. I've taught at schools, pedagogical institutes, language centers and universities in Lima, Peru. Since then, I've been reflecting on the ways of working with teenagers and adults; also, the importance of patience, understanding, and consistency.

In addition to teaching students, I have been able to spend time teaching teachers how to create, utilize and integrate teaching methodology and strategies in their classrooms. The highlight of my involvement in staff development came when I joined a group of English teachers at the ESS Project supported by the MED and British Council since 1991. I was trained to be an English teacher trainer attending intensive workshops on TEFL. In 1993, I started training in-service state school English teachers in Cusco, it was one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever had. Up to now, I continue training ETs and attending conferences, congresses, and workshops around Perú and abroad as speaker, mainly.

Over the years, I've developed some teaching material and anthologies. As a course developer, I have applied my extensive knowledge of ICT and distance/blending learning in developing my courses using different e-learning tools.

Some "life outside of teaching" facts about me... I'm married to Rosa Angelica for 24 years now. She's extremely talented and currently pursues her favourite hobbies, decorating and gardening. We have an only son: Antonio, 21, scholar guitarist, varsity soccer player, Sprachdiplom II in German, and currently a junior attending UPC majoring in Music Production and Engineering. Also we have a dog: Uriel.

I’ve been involved in education service all my life, so I’ve travelled almost all around Peru and several countries abroad touring and sightseeing the most wonderful cities and towns I’ve ever seen. I like all kinds of food, especially Peruvian, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese typical food. I enjoy classical music and 80s classic rock. Besides, I like the cinema, especially comedies. In addition, I started getting grey hair when my son finished school, and I spend most of my time trying to keep up with my family.


  1. What a wonderful quote to title your blog with! I see you'e joined the FO2011 coursetoo Victor, and it looks like you have a long history and lots to share with learning online! Look forward to seeing what you gain from the course. Sincerely, Clarissa

  2. Nice to meet you, Victor! You are certainly a well-rounded person. Greetings from fellow ClassDigiTools participant Nina Liakos in Maryland, USA.