23 Aug 2010

Why can't I be your teacher?

Dear petit digital native, 
I must confess that you have been the most valuable inspiration in my teaching life. I'm writing to you to tell you that I know the Internet. May I meet you on the web? Sure, I need to be literate to relate pupils like you, digital natives. I'd like to teach you in a "new school", make you jump, walk, sing, dance, draw, act, chat,  and play games, virtually and/or in live. By the way, I use a computer when I teach. I'll be your teacher and teach you using the internet. I use the technology and it doesn't scare me. You will learn how to be safe on the net. Likewise, I've been on Twitter, Facebook, surfing and blogging. I'm not afraid of making online connections. Of course, you are ready and I'll prepare you for the world you live in. Yeah, it's my "business", my job.
Nevertheless, I disagree with the idea that everything you want to learn is entirely on technology. Why not doing hands-on explorations such as building castles on the beach, preparing a delicious dessert, telling tale stories, acting a play, painting on wall paper, feeding animals on a farm, etc. Technology is definetely part of our lives, but there are other ways of learning you should try out.   
Looking forward to interacting with you, in-person or on line.
Your networked teacher.

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  1. Wowowowow Victor... Amazing! Thanks for letting me know! I'll share it if you don't mind! Smiles, Maria :)