6 Dec 2009

Need of teaching language learning strategies?

According to Rebeca Oxford, "language learning styles and strategies appear to be among the most important variables influencing performance in a second language. Much more investigation is necessary to determine the precise role of styles and strategies, but even at this stage in our understanding we can state that teachers need to become more aware of both learning styles and learning strategies through appropriate teacher training. Teachers can help their students by designing instruction that meets the needs of individuals with different stylistic preferences and by teaching students how to improve their learning strategies." 

Teaching to use better strategies such as: "metacognitive techniques for organizing, focusing, and evaluating students' own learning; affective strategies for handling emotions or attitudes; social strategies for cooperating with peers in the learning process; cognitive strategies for linking new information with existing schemata and for analyzing and classifying it; memory strategies for entering new information into memory storage and for retrieving it when needed; and compensation strategies to overcome deficiencies and gaps in learners' current language knowledge" (Oxford, 1990); may help students to improve their language performance, also be aware of the most beneficial strategies to employ. However, some research not to seem motivated as Lucia Garcia's investigation result:  

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