3 Aug 2009

English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS)

I am subscribed to the ELTeCS Latin America and the Caribbean electronic forum.
ELTeCS is for teachers who want to know what's happening in ELT in Latin America and globally.
ELTeCS is a knowledge sharing network for English language teaching practitioners worldwide, run by the British Council and six regional newslist Editors.
ELTeCS offers teachers access to information about development opportunities in their region and further afield, such as:
* workshops, Hornby schools, online courses
* conferences and other events
* online resources and activities
* journals and newsletters
* teacher projects
* job adds
* queries about ELT
Many - but not all - of the services, products and resources mentioned are from UK ELT experts, trainers and providers.
ELTeCS provides this information through six regional email newslists, one each for:
* Africa and the Middle East
* Central and South Asia
* East Asia
* Europe, Caucasus and Russia
* India and Sri Lanka
* Latin America and the Caribbean
ELT practitioners can subscribe to a maximum of two of these newslists free of charge. You can subscribe in just two minutes by filling in the online questionnaire at and selecting the regional email newslist you wish to receive. In response, you will get a message from the Editor, within a few days, welcoming you. Digests of news items will appear automatically in your email inbox once or twice a week. ELTeCS members can post their own announcements, queries and requests.
The Editor for the ELTeCS Latin America and the Caribbean newslist is Renate Thummler Blum, based in Mexico at
The newslists are backed up by the website which contains a global ELT event calendar and Teacher Association contact details, as well as reports on past teacher projects.

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  1. Victor Hugo - saludos desde Mexico DF! I just came across for the first time. I think ELTECS is a useful tool. In addition, in order to keep up with what's going on in EFL we can set up something like a netvibes or pageflakes to follow blogs of interest. And get on Twitter too.