28 Jul 2009

The Networked Teacher of the 21st century

Few years ago, teachers used to work with Typical Teacher Network, interacting with curriculum documents, colleagues, popular media, print and digital resources, their family and local community. Nowadays, we, educators, are called The Networked Teachers because of we are able to manage blogs, wikis, video-conferences, chat, social networking services, and other tools for interactive learning and teaching.
Furthermore, we attend conferences, get technical support, and do pro-d sessions, from different parts of the world. I wonder if we and our students will benefit from this kind of learning. Yes, I think so. We shouldn’t conduct our classroom quietly anymore.
What makes a well rounded teacher? Just his/her personality, curriculum, pedagogy and practice? No, technology must be included in teacher's daily work. Let see, which one is better? To use a laptop or paper and pencil; see math problems in 3D instead of doing odd problems; access the most dynamic information rather than printing and photocopying it; select your own learning styles in place of teacher’s favourite learning styles; collaborate with peers around the world rather just with your classroom peers.
Up to now, I can’t teach without technology in consequence of Blogging is learning by sharing with each other, helping others learn, and keeping everyone connected even outside of school/university. In addition, as we know, technology could fail and things could move very slowly. However, the benefits are more meaningful, I mean, students will edit, link, seek, comment, question, and socialize MORE in order to be reflective and challenge each other seeing the opportunities rather than the obstacles.


  1. Hi Vector,
    First of all, thanks a lot for the comment and for becoming a follower of my blog. I also want to congratulate you on this great blog!
    Yes, I agree that using networking and technology in the language classroom by teachers is gaining momentum for good reasons: as you mentioned, technology makes it possible for teachers to save time and it opens possibilities that were not even conceivable some time ago. Besides, good and reasonable use of it, can motivate learners. But, I still think that our excitement about it shouldn't overshadow the fact that it has to remain what it really is: a tool that can be used along with other tools. It is there to enhance the way we teach and not to replace it.

  2. Elida GÓMEZ RIVERA10 Aug 2009, 14:14:00


    This kind of documents for reading is really important.

    Iit's true, the meaning of TEACHER is getting better; besides the technology and whizzy things are improving day by day.

    We must know and apply all that youn said in our class now.