6 Jul 2009

Have the most wonderful celebration, colleagues!

On behalf of all of our students, I'd really like to thanks and regards to each one of you, beloved, outstanding and patient English teachers, for your critically important contributions that you make, both inside and outside the classroom. Also, this day invites everyone to recognize the indispensable and often difficult role that teachers play. To my family, friends, teachers, well-wishers, students; whoever has been offering a great-and-continuous support for my passion towards this challenging profession.
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  1. Miss Flor de Maria Quiroz7 Jul 2009, 00:54:00

    Hello, dear teacher. It's a pleasure to send you my greetings in this special day and I agree with you. Teachers gives students the tools to be used at the correct time, for that reason our role in class is very important.

  2. victor hugo its a great idea to start with a blogger so we can exchange different documents to be more actualized in teaching english, you know we are looking for something new every day, it can help us in our daily teaching , i also start my blogger about my experiences in teaching this language, thank you because i learn a lot with you and now we can continue learning with you.
    sara meza